Strongly up to the scalp
BLDC hair dryer
6 points of mini home dryer!
  • BLDC
  • 110,000
  • Self
  • 3 tier
  • Cool shot
  • Memory
Collaboration with Director Park Jung-ryul,
who has 25 years of Cheongdam know-how 'attraction'

Located in Cheongdam-dong in 1997, Attraction provides differentiated services for customer

satisfaction, spares no effort in research and investment for the future beauty industry, and has

established itself as a trend setter representing the beauty industry. UK TONY & GUY, L'Oreal Pro

Color Master Course, in charge of hair for stars Attraction, which has been recognized for its skills

and know-how, is appealing to customers with its uniqueness.

As much as 'Attraction' has captivated customers with its unique style and technology, we will surely protect not only the design but also the health of the hair.

As a person who has used hair dryer products more than anyone else, I tried several tests at the store before launch, and as a result of demonstrating it to many customers myself, The wind is so strong that it takes less time to dry even the scalp, and the weight is very light, so it doesn't put any strain on your wrist.

Powerful BLDC Air Motor,
110,000 RPM in revolutions per minute
The wind that can be felt from the entire scalp to the tip of the hair root
Dry your wet hair one by one to keep your hair roots healthy!
hair care professional dryer,
The strong wind of the slim dry nozzle is different.
To maintain scalp health and hair texture
please! Mini home dryer.
Anyone have dandruff?
Did you know that the residue left on the scalp causes dandruff?
Quick drying evenly within a short time is the secret to a healthy scalp.
Can't the damaged hair be improved?
Damaged hair should be dried quickly and strongly in the direction of the cuticle
You can see the effect of improving your hair.
The secret to healthy hair
3 step clinic setup
Three-stage temperature setup : Free adjustment not too low or too high for the best hair!
3-speed wind speed setup : Quick drying during busy work hours, fine drying for pets is OK
One-touch cool shot setup : Even if you don't keep pressing, cool wind is evenly distributed at once!
Hair Clinic
Make your own custom hairstyle at home!
Professional styling quickly and easily even on a busy morning!
Extreme Nozzle
You can freely adjust the nozzle direction for precise drying with concentrated air.
styling diffuser
When you want to make hair volume and curl more abundantly with an even wind

Lightweight 540g, lighter than existing smartphones.

T-design that does not strain the wrist

Anytime, anywhere, 5M cord length

Upgraded the hair dryer's standard cord length from 1.5m to 2m to a whopping 5m.

The general public and professionals can use it conveniently at home as well as in the beauty salon without space restrictions.

Dryer to clean filter

Indoor floating dust is scarier than outdoor dust

It self-cleans the dust in daily life and extends the life of the product with its cooling effect.

Built-in old mode memory

If you turn it off and on, it is set to the initial setting mode,

so you have to reset the temperature and wind speed you use most often?

Same mode as used after ON/OFF

Meet Dry with built-in memory for previous modes.

Buy with confidence!
Minihome promises safe products
certified by accredited testing institutes.
need certification img
Pouch event
An exclusive dryer pouch that can be used anytime, anywhere without any restrictions on the location. We will give it to everyone who purchased it.
Product Components
Styling Diffuser
Exclusive Pouch
Hair Dryer
Extreme Nozzle
Product Details
Product Name Hair dryer Code Length 5M
Model Name TAD-300 Safety Certification HU07241-21019A
Standard 294 x 91 x 276 mm Electromagnetic Certification R-R-TKK-BY-5906
Weight 540kg Manufacturing /
Import Source
Rated voltage 220-240V~, 50-60Hz Power Consumption 1700W ~ 2000W