Standalone & No Installation
Dish wash machine
6 Advantages of the Mini Cook Dishwasher!
  • Convenient water refill
  • Smart washing
  • 360 degree washing
  • 70 degree washing
  • Drying and storage
  • 99.999%
No installation & easy water replenishment

It is a compact product without space restrictions,
and it is OK if you only have space for a dish drying rack!

Convenient and convenient one-time water replenishment
without complicated and cumbersome plumbing installation!

Easy water replenishment with enough volume of 5.5L
The compact size and Convenient installation without plumbing!
Saving Water & Time
Save 43,000L per year by washing dishes that can be done with little water! Use the time you spend washing dishes in your spare time!

A spoonful of daily spare time, 200 hours will be returned.
Use it in your spare time in your daily life, which takes less than 20 minutes to wash your dishes by hand.
1 time
about 20min
730 times per year
About 14,600 min
(about 243 hours)
Even with little water.
A whopping 43,000L per year can be saved when using the mini-cook dishwasher!
Hand washing dishes
About 70L use
Mini cook dishwasher
Use 5.5L at a time
99.999% Sterilization cleaning

Reliable sterilization test for harmful food poisoning bacteria and viruses BYE~

Hot water at 70°C is sprayed deep into the dishes to remove oil stains as well as food poisoning bacteria and viruses.

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Double side tornado fan

The secret of strong cleaning power, 360 degree high pressure cleaning

The upper and lower double fan structure that sprays powerful water streams to the deep places where water is hard to reach!

5 smart washing modes

Experience clean and easy dish washing with one touch

Smart cleaning function with 5 most used functions

  • 01. General washing
    For general cleaning where foreign matter is appropriate
    (About 1 minute)
  • 02. Strong cleaning
    When washing dishes with a lot of foreign substances
    (About 2 minutes)
  • 03. Quick wash
    When rinsing is necessary or when cleaning the cup
    (About 35 seconds)
  • 04. Fruit washing
    When washing fruits and vegetables
    (About 18 seconds)
  • 05. Baby bottle washing
    When washing baby bottles, baby products, etc.
    (About 55 seconds)
Automatic water level sensor

You don't have to look at how much water you have refilled.

With a built-in sensor that automatically detects the water level,
an indicator light notifies you when the water is low or full.

Dry/Storage Mode
From hot/cold air cross drying mode to
storage mode! Effective tableware care even during
storage and drying by cyclically repeating
the cross-spraying process
* Storage and drying functions
can be used without washing
Automatic drying mode
When drying naturally in wet conditions, the smart automatic drying mode is turned on after washing so that dust or contaminants do not adhere to the dishes and wash the dishes again!
Korean style tableware optimization custom design
By minimizing the external volume, it minimizes the space occupancy
and maximizes the volume of the dedicated area, so the actual space is generous!
With an internal design that maximizes space utilization,
it is possible to load dishes for 3 or 4 people
to large frying pans or pots through the tilted support method!
* The middle tray support is designed to be foldable, allowing you to load a wider variety of dishes according to their size.
Tray front
Small dishes (rice bowls), etc. can be loaded.
* The cutlery tray can be removed and more dishes can be loaded when loading.
Tray rear
You can load utensils such as spoons, chopsticks and ladles.
Cutlery tray
You can load utensils such as spoons, chopsticks and ladles.
Tray side
It can load deep cup types such as mugs and wine glasses.
Products Components
  • Main body
  • Bowl basket
  • Cutlery basket
  • Water tank
  • Drain hose
  • Water supply pipe
  • Double fixing pin
  • Manual
Product Details
Product name Dish wash machine Control method Fully automatic
Model name TDW-500 Waterproof rating IPX1
Size 440 x 413 x 495 mm Rated voltage 220-240V
Weight 12kg Power Consumption 850W
Tableware loading capacity For 2~3 people Rated frequency 60Hz
KC Certification XU070405-21005B Rated water pressure 0.04~1.0MPa
Electromagnetic certification R-R-TKK-WQP4-6204-KR Importer/salesperson TKK China OEM