Busy daily life, our family's healthy food master
Health porridge maker
6 POINTs of the Mini Cook Porridge Maker!
  • 12 hours reservation
  • 1 hour auto-warm
  • Lower
  • Convenient cleaning mode
  • Small quantity 1 serving
  • Ultra-fine grinding mode
12 hours reservation function

New Paradigm of Porridge Maker

We spare no effort in research and investment for the future beauty industry,
and apply the reservation function for 1 to 12 hours for the first time in Korea.

Make a reservation the day before, and enjoy warm porridge in the morning!

Stylish! Easy! Smart!

Make a reservation the day before, and enjoy warm porridge in the morning!

With the reservation function for up to 12 hours, the morning is relaxed.

Put the ingredients in advance the day before and set the reservation for up to 12 hours!

You can have a hot porridge in the morning or take it with you for lunch.

Lower blade
Application of the lower blade
for the first time in Korea!
Since the blade is located at the bottom,
even when cooking a small amount,
it grinds cleanly to the end,
making it easy to manufacture baby food.
Small-volume porridge production
Porridge can be made for at least 1 serving and max. 3 servings!
It is convenient to make baby food for one person or a child as it can be manufactured in small quantities for one person.
1 hour automatic keep warm
It has an automatic warming function
for 1 hour, so it is convenient to eat hot
even if it is not immediately after
Easy cleaning
The cooking cup and main body are separated for safe and convenient use by preventing accidents caused by malfunction. Simple and clean cleaning with high-speed rotation washing mode
I recommend it to these people.
Busy office worker
One-person households
Those with stomach discomfort
People who are sensitive to health
Family with children
Older people with toothache
Who are on a diet
2-3 person family
From porridge to baby food and soup,
one-touch easy!
Product Components
  • Main body
  • Cooking cup
  • Fine sieve
  • Measuring cup
  • Cleaning brush
Product Details
Product name Porridge maker Power consumption (heater/motor) 850W / 100W
Volume 0.5L~1.1L Rating 220V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Texture Stainless 301/ABS, etc. Keep warm function Exist (60 minutes)
Size H377 X D226 X W165mm Safety device Thermostat, Thermal fuse
Weight 1.9kg KC Certification Exist