Steam cleaner and wet mop cleaner in one!

Roas Cordless Steam Mop Cleaner

  • Quick 180-second
  • Detachable 330ml
    large capacity water bottle
  • Removable
    lithium-ion battery
  • Steam & UVC DUAL Sterilization
  • Water spray only when necessary
  • Simultaneous battery charging
  • Wireless steam cleaning
    25 minutes or more
  • Wet mop cleaning
    500 times per minute
  • Indirect lighting Ambient
    LED lighting
  • Safe 80℃
    SAFETY Mode
  • Powerful 120℃
  • Excellent convenience
    around hinge structure
  • Wire-free cordless steam cleaner

    for free anywhere cleaning is needed

  • without cluttering power lines

    Steam cleaning without
    stopping for up to 20 minutes

Steam sterilization and UVC sterilization at the same time

Dual sterilization of 99.9% harmful bacteria

Steam Sterilization
UVC sterilization
What is UVC Sterilization?

UVC has the strongest sterilization power with a very short wavelength of 200 to 280 nm, and has a sterilizing effect by destroying the DNA and nucleic acids of bacteria and viruses. UV-A and UV-B also sterilize, but their effect is insignificant and can be harmful to the human body as it passes through a transparent medium.

Unparalleled cordless steam cleaner

High temperature steam sterilization cleaning without chemicals up to 120℃

Consecutive generation of steam at 100°C for over 25 minutes wirelessly

Unmatched Roas' unique wireless steam generation system
  • 180 seconds
    Fast warm-up time
  • Up to 120℃ Power steam
    sterilization and cleaning
  • 80℃ safety mode
    for heat-sensitive floors
  • 2Continuous wireless steam spray
    for more than 5 minutes
A new vacuum cleaner with Roas' patented technology
Rotary steam cleaner
Patent registration: No. 2275500
Low power steam generator
Patent registration: No. 2238251
  • You can choose according to your needs

    Dry mop cleaning and wet mop cleaning

  • Around hinge structure
    that rotates 180 degrees left and right
    Hinge structure that can rotate freely
    You can conveniently clean every nook and cranny
    that a wet mop cannot reach.
Ambient LED lighting
as indirect lighting
The 4-step mood light, which can be turned on or off,
also serves as a beautiful indirect lighting even when not in use.
Front LED to illuminate dark areas
Even under the bed or sofa, it can be easily cleaned by visually inspecting it.
All functions are conveniently operated
with intuitive control buttons and display
Product Specification
Product name Laoas Cordless Steam Mop Cleaner
Model name AKS-5000
Texture ABS, PC, Composite PP, etc.
Water tank capacity 330ml
Adapter INPUT : AC1000-240V, 60/60Hz, OUTPUT : DC36.6V/1A
Preheat time About 180 seconds
battery capacity Lithium-ion (LI-ION) 2300mAh
safety device Temperature sensor
Product weight 5.34kg
Motor speed 500 rpm
Use time Wireless steam cleaning: about 15 minutes (SAFETY: over 25 minutes), wet mop cleaning: up to 60 minutes or more
Size 334 X 350 X 1150mm
Product Certification KC certification (battery): ZU10751-2001 / Electromagnetic wave certification: R-R-tKK-AKS-5000
Product composition
  • This product (white, black)
  • Adapter
  • 2 sets of regular pads
    (4 sheets)
  • Charging cradle
  • Set screw