Not mortgaged by carbohydrates
Mini low-sugar
rice cooker
6 points of the mini low-sugar rice cooker!
  • Band Heat
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Add Cooking Time
  • Steam Tray Cooking
  • Detachable Cover
  • Super Mini Size
Special design of low sugar rice cooker
- Design patent registration (No. 30-2020-0009031)
- Selected as an excellent design product by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy 2020
Low sugar rice cooker
Design patent registration
Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Selected as an excellent design product
What is an excellent design product from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy?
The GD product selection, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and supervised by the Korea Institute of Design Promotion, has been conducted every year since 1985 in accordance with the Industrial Design Promotion Agency Act. This is a system that grants the (Good Design) mark.
Slim and healthy low-sugar rice
Don't be mortified by carbohydrates,
but manage it with slender low-sugar rice with reduced carbohydrates!
Don't starve and eat healthy with sugar control.
If you cook rice with the low-sugar tray, water containing sugar
remains in the inner pot after the rice is cooked.

Korean adults eat a lot of white rice to the extent that it is called rice-shim, and they get the most calories from white rice. I want to eat rice, but when I am looking for a way to gain less weight and raise my blood sugar lower, it is carbohydrates, not carbohydrates, that are important. This is because carbohydrates contain carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Cook rice with a mini low-sugar rice cooker.

The low sugar tray reduces the sugar content in rice by about 49%. Easily manage your health with a low-sugar rice cooker that has been certified by the Korea Functional Food Research Institute.

Band heating system
Equipped with a band heating system for the first single rice cooker in Korea!

* Band Heating System?

By installing a band-type heater around the inner pot, the temperature difference between the bottom and top is minimized to maintain the best taste of rice.

Environmental ceramic coating

It is an inner pot with enhanced non-stick function that has passed 30,000 times abrasion resistance test and can be used for a long time.

Energy Consumption Efficiency Level 1
It is a first-class energy consumption product
considering the environment and economy.
Rapid polished rice 24 minutes
The magic of steaming steaming rice when you come out of the shower
Enjoy freshly cooked honey-like rice with the 24-minute quick white rice function
Add cooking time
Additional cooking time is possible after the set cooking time depending on the number (maximum 60 minutes of additional time)
Reheating system
Don't eat cold rice, one warm meal once again in reheat mode
thermal insulation
24-hour reservation function
24-hour warming function
Detachable cover
Detachable cover for easy cleaning
Easy touch sensor
Easy operation with the LED touch panel at the top
20cm Super Mini Rice Cooker
Super mini size for camping
Various cooking functions
A side dish made with the steam tray,
Meet various dishes from various cooking functions to pot rice.
How to use Steaming tray
Prepare rice and side dishes at the same time, simply put it on top of rice for easy cooking!
Egg custard
Chicken breast
various cooking modes, 8 programs
Quick white rice
Germinated brown rice
Healthy white rice (low sugar white rice)
Healthy porridge
Multigrain Rice
Stone pot rice
All-purpose steamed rice
Try cooking rice and side dishes at once.
Product Components
  • Main body
  • Inner pot
  • Aluminum cover
  • Low-sugar tray
  • Steam tray
  • Measuring cup
  • Rice spatula
Product Details
Product name Electric rice cooker Safety certification HU072739-20001A
Product capacity 1.5L(for 1~3 people) Electromagnetic Compatibility Registration R-R-tKK-TKC-550
Colors Pure White, Shine Black Rated voltage 220V 60Hz
Size 216 x 213 x 210 mm Power Consumption 350W
Weight 2.0kg Touch panel Electronic
Cooking time 20~60min Safety device Thermostat, Thermal fuse
Programs Rapid polished rice/polished rice/germination brown rice/multigrain rice/low sugar polished rice/stone pot rice/healthy porridge/all-purpose steamed rice